About Us

Historical documents confirm that the establishment Tognana supplied, through the Sile river, the city of Venice since 1820. A history of 194 years the one of our company, which dealt of tiles with passion and responsibility, from the late 50's also of Marseilles tiles, then the Portuguese up to the magnificent Royal Coppo and most recently to the Bavarian. To achieve a long-lasting product, with no maintenance and excellent aesthetic level, our laboratory carefully selects and mixtures only high quality clay from the Venetian lowland. Responding to the market demands we are able to provide a complete range of single-cooking antique tiles with ceramic glazes compatible environmental. All the production process phases are computerized and controlled so as to achieve the highest standards. The tiles are subjected to daily plan tests as to analyze compliance with the standards as to the strength and bending, water resistance and flatness. The company obtained the uniformity with standards UNI EN 1304, EN 538/539-1/539-2/1024, EN 533/2 at the end of the frost resistance for the countries of Northern Europe, in 1998 the certification of quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9002, confirms today, according to the new UNI EN 9001-2008, in 2001 the environmental system certification UNI EN ISO 14001. The presence on the market in Italy and Europe for 194 years is the most unequivocal confirmation of the quality and prestigious Tognana.