A legal dispute involving Antonio Tognana "brickyard owner" and the concessionaire of the Sile wharves in the village of S. Antonino near Treviso provides the evidence that our roots are even more ancient than we thought. The historian, professor Camiilo Pavan, while gathering material for a book on the Sile river, which was a fundamental waterway for the development of the Marquisate of Treviso, uncovered this case regarding a dispute over payment of a rental for the use of the wharf from 1820 to 1830,an unusual way indeed to discover that the Tognana plant was already shipping goods in 1820 along the river to Venice. It was only later, in fact, that the founder of the company would establish a warehouse in Venice at Foscarie bridge. Thus we suddenly found ourselves with a weightier history and an even greater responsibility to guarantee a significant future to the company and all those: our clients, our employees and our suppliers, who continue to help us keep our position of leadership on the market. Over these 191 years we have always engaged with serious commitment, enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility, in the business of producing roofing. The quality of the clays from the Ceneto plain, carefully selected and mixed with the continuous support of a laboratory, are the indispensable basis to obtain a life-long product, with no need for maintenance and great aesthetical quality. Our attention to the demands of the market have enabled us to develop a complete range of antique tiles produced in a single-firing technique using environmentally friendly ceramic glazes. The production process for terra cotta is completely controlled in all phases by a process calculator, which ensures compliance with pre-set standards. By making appropriate use of the information gathered via computer, the human resources involved in the production cycle are able to optimize results with products that meet the highest standards. Flexural strength, water repellence, flatness and appearance are tested every day according to a programmed sampling system, to ensure that they meet standards. There is, however, another important element that confirms the quality of Tognana Roof Tiles; 191 years of dedicated service! There are few companies that can boast a history that long, not only in Italy but anywhere in the world.