The Tognana spa, after deep organizational and technological changes of the recent years, is committed to growth in the new millennium, reaching more ambitious goals. Some of these have been recognized by the UNI EN ISO 14001, awarded to the establishment of Treviso by an independent institution, after accurate verifications. Since 1998, we have the quality system certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and the conformity for the Tognana tiles with European Standards EN 539-2, surpassing the 150 freeze-thaw cycles for the northern European countries. The Tognana spa considered an ethical, as well as legal obligation, the protection of the health, the environmental protection and the security of the workers involved in the company. The points on which the company relies as to protect these principles are: - the sustainable use of natural resources through recycling - the respect of the legislation, regulations and business additional requirements and improvements - Levels of safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency in line with best international practices to achieve technological excellence - Involvement and empowerment of employees, through information and training - the use of qualified suppliers - information to the customers for a safe utilization, efficient and respect of the environmental architecture - Tognana customer information for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly architecture. Tognana spa obtained, in 2001, the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. To reach it, it has been through four phases: the first consisted in analyze the environmental and management aspects of the company. The second phase defined health, safety and environment policy. The third saw the diffusion of documentation and the control of the activation status through internal audits and staff training. At last there were the inspections to verify compliance with all the rules for the release of the final certification. This document is valid for three years, during which internal and external audits are provided for the maintaining of the certificate.

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